SVN Betteshanger Marathon

Date: Saturday 1st June 2019

Time: 7:00pm

Cost: £39.95

Saxons, Vikings & Normans Club (SVN) is organising the Betteshanger Marathon this June.

It’s SVN’s mission to help people achieve bigger things, to stay in the game that one year longer or to do things that they thought that they never could or could do no more. The reality is that some folk are a bit slower, a bit older, a bit less confident than others. If this strikes a chord, this marathon is for you!

The Betteshanger Marathon is specifically aimed at those runners who aren’t the quickest and can’t make usual road marathon times, are intimidated by quicker road marathons or simply prefer the smaller, friendly type events rather than more competitive ones.

No marathon is easy. It’s always 26 miles, 385 yards and that’s a long way. But the Betteshanger Marathon has an aid station every 2 miles, a line painted on the track to follow if you’re worried about navigation, it’s pretty flat and has a wide tarmac surface, which has been officially measured and is a certified road marathon course.

Starting at 5pm, it will be an evening run for some and for others, it will extend into a night run but with a perfect tarmac surface, it shouldn’t be too much of a slowdown once the lights go down.

Key features of the event:

1) Regulation start at 17.00. Sunset is 21.01 so you’ll need light for much beyond this.

2) Bespoke Betteshanger Marathon medal.

3) Usual Saxons, Vikings & Normans goody bag and “picnic” aid station.

4) Classified as a road marathon, will be 12.96 laps of the flat wide tarmac track.

5) 100 runner limit, 6:45 hour time limit. This is a HARD time limit, we have to be off-site by midnight.

6) There are slopes rather than hills, so it’s not totally flat, each loop has maybe 50 feet of elevation rise.