SVN Supervillians vs Superheroes

Date: Sunday 17th February 2019

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Cost: £39.95

Saxons, Vikings & Normans Club (SVN) is organising a marathon with a difference this February.

Firstly, when you sign up to the race, you must choose if you are a Super Hero or a Super Villain. Which one you choose will then dictate which finisher medal you’ll earn.

Before the start you’ll be divided into the two groups and there will be a battle to the death, ah, perhaps that’s a bit severe, OK then a coin toss. The winning group chooses which way to run, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, then depending on which group you’re in, will decide exactly which route you take.

We’re using a new “hybrid loop” at Betteshanger, partly on the trails and partly on the tarmac track. On the trails you’ll all run the same way, but on the tarmac loop, one group run clockwise, and the other anti clockwise to generally taunt, abuse, cajole or support the runners going around the in opposite direction!

There will be the usual standard of goody bag that you expect from SVN, so there will be chocolate, there will be some other decidedly non-healthly, high calorie, yummy things that you’ll have earned the hard way not to mention the “picnic” aid station you’ll get to visit every few miles.

The course runs around the leisure trails at Betteshanger and a loop of the tarmac cycle track, making in a 3.28 mile loop track. The surface is a high quality gravel surface in the main with the odd patch of potentially muddy bits if they’re wet but overall it’s an excellent running surface, especially the tarmac part, and should produce some good times. There are slopes rather than hills, so its not totally flat, each loop has maybe 60 feet of elevation rise, but there are some lovely woods to run by, ponds, grasslands, wetlands and some wildlife to spot too. If it’s wet there might be a chance of some mud but the trails are high quality and drain well.