The Egg-sterminator Challenge

Date: Friday 19th April 2019 - Saturday 20th April 2019

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: £8 per person

Who’s game for ‘The Egg-sterminator Challenge”?

The MY/PT team are taking drop-in sessions to a new level this Easter weekend.

Mission 1: You’ll be entrusted with a ‘live’ egg-grenade. Your mission is to ‘load’ the egg into an ammunition container and navigate the MY/PT obstacle course without the egg exploding. If you make it back to base in one piece, you will be cleared for mission 2.

Mission 2: Remove the egg-grenade safely from the ammunition container and carry it, on a (military-grade) spoon around a further section of the obstacle course. Your mission will be complete if you load the egg into the legendary Eggsterminator vehicle without it detonating. You’ll be rewarded in chocolate!

£8 per person.

Entry into the Eggsterminator Challenge includes access to the MY/PT obstacle course for 1 hour.

Suitable for children aged 4 and over. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions before making your booking.

Our online bookings close at 8am on the morning of the event. If you’re looking for tickets for today, please buy them from Cycle Hire once you arrive at the Park.