The Big Bike Revival - Free Bike Rides & Events - Betteshanger Country Park

The Big Bike Revival - Free Bike Rides & Events

Cycling is a fantastic way to travel locally. It’s healthy, social, practical, sustainable and can save you money. We deliver a massive programme of Big Bike Revival events across England to help adults start cycling or revive a love of cycling. All the events are designed specifically for adults who do not cycle or have not cycled for a while by offering solutions to barriers that currently prevent them from cycling. Events offer opportunities to get cycles fixed, learn new skills or take part in a local led ride.

Who benefits? All events are completely free and delivered locally by community groups and organisations which understand the local need. The Big Bike Revival engages with adults in need, in terms of social, economic and health deprivation. This includes people who might be on low incomes; suffering poor mental health; refugees; not meeting physical activity guidelines; lacking confidence; unemployed; experiencing substance misuse; from ethnic minorities; and experiencing transport poverty.

These events are free, and there is no need to book a ticket!


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