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Plan Your Visit

There is stacks to explore in our 250-acre Park. Use this section to plan your visit. Check out Betteshanger opening times, plan your journey to Deal and find out about our facilities.


Betteshanger Park is an old coal spoil heap, so please be aware that you may find old metal, holes and uneven land. Please take time to read the Park Rules to ensure your safety and enjoyment whilst you visit the park

Park rules:

  • All visitors must observe the park’s operating hours, including any seasonal changes, and follow instructions provided on the park website or notices posted at the entrance.
  • No walking on the tarmac road track. Cross at designated Crossing Points
  • Watch out for other park users, running, cycling and walking on leisure paths.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • All visitors who use the play park must supervise their children and ensure their safety, and respect other children’s rights to play and enjoy the equipment
  • No smoking or glass bottles are allowed in the play area
  • The play area equipment is recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years.
  • Beware of deep water, no swimming, paddling or boating and keep off the ice in winter
  • Dispose of lit cigarettes and vapes / E-cigarettes correctly & safely
  • No unauthorised fires or barbeques in any areas of the Park
  • Please use the bins provided or take your litter home
  • Launching, landing or operating unmanned or remote-controlled Aircraft/Drones is prohibited without prior arrangement
  • Electric assisted scooters, bikes and wheeled toys must follow the rules of the park and be restricted following the current imposed laws and UK legislations. Failure to comply will result in the removal of you/your party from the park
  • All visitors must respect other people’s rights to enjoy the park by not disturbing wildlife or engaging in inappropriate, illegal or dangerous behaviour.
  • Visitors who violate any of these rules or regulations may be subject to fines and may be asked to leave the park.

Cycling Rules:

  • All visitors who bring bikes or use rented bikes must wear helmets and follow the designated bike trails, paths, and areas with caution and awareness of other users.
  • Cyclist should only use tracks appropriate to their ability.
    Blue mountain bike trails are easy/moderate and red trails are challenging/difficult
  • Cycle in a clockwise direction on the tarmac track and stick to the left hand side.
  • Road cyclists and faster cyclists must stick to the right hand side of the track.
  • Be aware of others and adjust your speed accordingly. No head down racing.

Dog owners:

  • All visitors must keep their dogs on a lead at all times, and dispose of dog waste in the park’s designated pet waste containers.
  • Respect other park users, and keep your dog away from children and other pets unless they are welcomed by their owners.
  • Be wary of wildlife and ensure your dog does not chase or harm any animals that live in the park

Our membership offers fantastic value for money, with an annual pass working out at just 20p per day.
If you’re a regular park user, this is a really cost effective way to have a guaranteed great day out plus you’ll be playing a huge part in supporting us in caring for Betteshanger.

A 12-month pass is just £75
Park Membership Includes:

  1. Free parking for up to 2 vehicles*
  2. Priority booking on events held at the Park
  3. 10% discount on Betteshanger Park events*
  4. 10% discount in The Lamp Room Bar & Restaurant
  5. Use of new facilities including changing rooms and showers.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Contact for a membership form

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