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At Betteshanger country park we have a range of outdoor education activities and adventurous activities for all stages of education, from early years to University, set in our stunning 250 acre park. Our well qualified leaders aim to provide unforgettable, fun and adventurous learning experiences. We aim to boost confidence, build self-esteem, promote health and well-being and develop social, emotional and environmental awareness.

What we do

We take learning beyond the classroom and have dozens of opportunities to make learning concepts, real and relevant by putting them into a realist context. Many concepts seem so big and challenging to grasp in the classroom but when seen in context are much easier to understand.

From your arrival to your departure we aim to make the whole visit a fun learning experience.

We are able to work within any area of the curriculum including, science, literacy, maths, geography, local history, art and PE. Not forgetting that all important team building, to help strengthen class relationships and improve communication and social skills.

We are able to cater for different abilities and behavioural needs by adapting our activities and teaching style. Learning outside can have positive effects on negative behaviour, another consequence of being happy and engaged while learning. Outdoor learning provides such a different environment to the classroom that learners who usually struggle in the classroom can excel when outdoors.

Our team are happy to meet with you prior to your visit to discuss the aims of your class visit and tailor your programme to meet your needs, linking our activities to your learning in class, whether you are coming for a day visit or progressive sessions over a number of weeks.

We also welcome schools and groups who want to do their own thing. If you do opt for a self-led visit, we ask that you still pre-book.

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